Yo! Classes


60 minutes slow, vinyasa classes.

Walking into a yoga class for the first time can be daunting. Our R'n'B classes will teach you the basics of our signature hip-hop class. Expect a slow flow, with a heavy focus on alignment. Guiding you in and out of every pose carefully. We’ll play sexy RnB beats to help you through. This is perfect for those who’ve never done yoga, or those who want to test out hip-hop yoga for the first time. We all start somewhere at Yo!


60 minute fast and strong Vinyasa flow to Hip-Hop music.

This is the signature class at Yo! Yoga. You'll sweat, move, and groove your way through your flow. Don't be surprised if you're so into the tunes you forget how hard you're working. This isn't a place to worry about what you look like, it's a place to let go, have fun, and push yourself. Warning: there may be a swear word here and there, this is hip hop after all. We aren't shy at Yo!


60 minute strong flow classes to sweet tunes.

Our strong classes take things down a notch and place a larger focus on the foundations of each pose, working with alignment. Don't be fooled by the chilled vibe - this class will work you hard but it will also show you how to deepen your practice. A good place for beginners to start. The music is gentler on the ears so this class is suited for everyone. We aren't soft at Yo!


60 minute slow, restorative flow to super chilled tunes.

This class is like a warm bath for your mind and body. We'll guide you through a super chilled flow to stretch out that tired body. No one is immune to stress, this class helps you reset for the week ahead. We aren't stressed at Yo!


60 minute flow aimed at regular practitioners.

In this class we'll break down poses focusing on alignment and progression, working to keep you evolving and challenging your skills. We want you to continue deepening your personal practise once you're back in our regular classes. We aren't static at Yo!

Mats, towels & water provided. BYO bottle.

Male & Female amenities, including shower facilities are available.

Please inform the teacher on arrival of any injuries or illnesses.

Classes start on time. Latecomers may miss out. Please make sure you arrive early 5 - 10 minutes before class starts to avoid disappointment. We lock our studio doors to prevent theft and interruption to other students.


$39 - Intro to Yo!
10 day* unlimited

$99 - Beginners Intro Pack
14 days* including a 30 minute private session at the studio and 6 yoga classes

$109 - 3 Private Sessions
Valid for 14 days*

* This is a once-off option